Benjamin Billot

Posdtoc at MIT


I’m a postdoc at the Medical Vision Group led by Prof. Polina Golland. My research focuses on improving data representation to increase the robustness of systems for the analysis of clinical imaging data.

After completing a MSc in neuro-technology at Imperial College London in 2016, I joined the incubator of start-ups Founders Factory as a member of the AI team. I then pursued a PhD at University College London with Dr. Juan Eugenio Iglesias on developing a domain randomisation strategy for domain-agnostic segmentation of brain MRI (SynthSeg).

In addition to further explore domain randomisation techniques, I’m working on different projects including equivariant networks, registration of fetal MRI, unifying disjoint manual annotation databases to train unified segmentation models.


Oct 27, 2023 Great presentations and discussion at the Boston Medical Imaging Workshop that I co-organised with Oula Puonti, Katie Larson, Jon Haitz and Neel Dey.
Oct 19, 2023 Check out our new preprint (accepted at WCACV 2024). Work led by Neel Dey on domain randomisation for segmentation of star-shape objects.
Oct 12, 2023 Loads of great works at MICCAI, always a pleasure to attend!
Jul 10, 2023 Glad to have presented my work at MIDL 2023 on Equivariant Networks for registration of fetal brain MRI !
Mar 1, 2023 SynthSeg (Medical Image Analysis) and SynthSeg 2.0 (PNAS) are out! :open_book: :open_book:
Nov 1, 2022 Started my new job at MIT!

Selected publications

  1. Robust machine learning segmentation for large-scale analysis of heterogeneous clinical brain MRI datasets
    Benjamin Billot, Magdamo Colin, You Cheng, and 2 more authors
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2023